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Change your body. Change your life

Bikram Yoga is the very best thing you can do for your health, your body, your vitality, and your sense of well-being. Everyone has a story about his or her Bikram Yoga practice, click to read the full testimonial.

What inspires you to practice Bikram Yoga? Write your own testimonial.

Kim: 37


WOW!!  I'd been practicing yoga for over 10 years and excercising regularly for 20 years.  Bikram yoga gave me strength in areas I didn't even know I had muscles.  And a bonus was I saw muscle definition QUICK!

Tony: 50

I have worked out all my life ,even acheiving a 2nd degree black belt in chinese kempo karate.this by far was the hardest workout i have ever been through


Joe: 55

For the past 6 months I've had a right shoulder problem that was pretty much a constant source of pain.  I've been to the doctor and taken prescription medication.  Upon returning home from my first yoga session I found there was no more pain and the arm now had the same flexibility of my left arm.  So, here I am two days later and still no pain.  I'm going back this Saturday for another session.  The yoga session was not the easiest 90 minutes of my life but it was sure worth the effort!

Gail: 44
I came to my first yoga class in November 2006. My father was very ill.  I spent most of my time working and helping my mom care for my dad.  While doing this, I gained 25 lbs. I was medicating myself with food.  I was stressed, exhausted, and broken down. I was one sorry yoga specimen my first class, but I was determined.  Determined to loose some weight and hopefully decompress a little.
Molly: 37
I suffered excruciating back pain from 2 bulging discs during the winter of 2007. About that time, a friend introduced me to Bikram. I couldn't drive or sleep at the time, without shooting pains down my neck and arm. I was engaged in physical therapy, but it wasn't working. I was looking at cortisone shots or surgery as my next options. I didn't want medication and I couldn't imagine having surgery. I am young and otherwise healthy! I knew I could get through this, I just didn't know how. Bikram ended up being the only time and space I felt I could be pain free. It opens up my spine and allows for movement and ultimately healing. Since then, I have been going once or twice a week, and each time feel my pain decrease less and less. I have even experienced pain free moments. Bikram has given me back my life!
Mark: 39

My first impression of Bikram's Yoga was that it was hard and I am really really bad at it.  The realization that I am so bad at it alerted me to how much I really need it. I felt that I needed to challenge myself and so I kept coming back.  Weight loss was one of the first obvious benefits I noticed from practicing even for two weeks. Then chronic pains in my neck and back were completely alleviated after a short while.

Jennifer: 37
OUCH! Oh wait, and "Man, am I sweaty!" Don't get discouraged, keep reading...I am addicted to it! I actually look forward to going. I took 3 classes in the trial week and then got a 20 class pass and on class #12. I am religious about going 3 times a week. I can't even explain it but when I leave the place, I feel like Superwoman! Maybe its the sweating but whatever it is, it makes you feel awesome. I have 2 little kids and 4 companies to deal with so my life is hectic like most people so this class takes away my stress. My friend made a good comment to me...Yoga is the one place where you really don't think of anything else. You are concentrating on poses and breathing.
Eileen: 41

I found Bikram after many years of working out at high intensity cardio sessions, including running. I had a serious shouder injury that kept me from these activities, so I was thrilled to find something I could do with my injury and still work up a sweat while healing. I loved it from the first class. I enjoy heat and hot weather so I knew Bikram was for me. I was also very challenged and knew I had to come back.  Once my injury healed enough and I could run again, I realized a change had happened. I used to do yoga to help me run, now yoga supplements my running. I continue to have cardio endurance and strength with Bikram, but without the stiffness and sore joints that goes along with running (especially as we age!).


Karen: 31

I started Bikram Yoga because I have two herniated discs in my neck. Two months of physical therapy wasn't working, and people were constantly asking me if I'd tried yoga. So, I gave Bikram Yoga Nashua a try. Not only has my neck pain disappeared, but I've also seen my arms get defined again (I had to take 9 months off from the gym following my injury) and I feel more rejuvinated. I'm also less stressed and an overall more positive person!

Justin: 27

After hearing from a co-worker how difficult Bikram Yoga was, I decided I had to give it a shot.  After my first class, I felt like I ran a marathon through the Sahara Desert.  I was impressed with myself for not stopping during my first class.  Now, after my 4th class, I've noticed a dramatic difference in my flexibility, as well as my mental make-up.  Thank you Bikram Yoga!  Namaste!

Kristina: 33

I continue to practice because I love the effect that Bikram has on my mood. I feel so happy and content after a class that all the work is well worth it. I am thrilled to see my progress and how my body can do so much more than when I first started.  I am also so happy that I can see my arm and leg muscles again! In addition, I find that I have more patience with myself and the students in my class the day after I have practiced. I have become a much more happy person.

Alison: 23

I was shocked that, after swimming competively for more than 15 years, I couldn't make it through the first set of Half Moon. I thought of myself as "in shape," but after the first class I knew that I had a long way to go! After more than a year doing Bikram, I can see how people do this yoga for decades. I am so happy that I found an exercise that helps my body grow stronger, instead of damaging it further!

Nancy: 51

As a beginner to Bikram yoga, I found the first few classes extemely challenging. The more my body becomes adjusted to the temperature and the poses, I feel my confidence increasing.  The yoga challenge is balance and flexibility. My personal challenge is my negative self body image regarding my weight. At 51, I am hoping to gain some self acceptance.

Kathy: 46

My body craves the mind, body, spirit experience. I feel sluggish if I don't attend. I have been a martial artist for about 16 years now. I find that the benefits of Bikram yoga out weigh the benefits of my martial arts practice in that it is more of a personal practice, less contact, no bruising and more conditioning.

Sandy: 46

I've done just about every sport and this is by far the hardest workout yet. Miranda, Meredith and Ariel run a great class. Give it a shot and I know you'll be hooked.

Frank: 45
I have lost nearly 30 lbs. Energy level and metabolism rates are increased. Yoga has been the cornerstone of my weight loss program.
Joel: 36

I broke my back two years ago, and nothing else would alleviate the compression and pain I dealt with every day. After a few weeks of yoga, the pain went away.  I fell out of practice for a while and the pain came back.  I'm back to yoga now and pain free once again!  Try your best, and commit to going five times.  It's different than any other workout and takes time to adjust.

Jeanne: 61

My first impression was that I'd never be able to do half the poses, but I could tell that just trying was going to help get me flexible - in spite of the dizziness. I'm addicted. When I stay away too long I start to feel stiff and sluggish. My adult son encouraged me to try Bikram, and, as usual, he was right. It's the best exercise I've had.

Anonymous: Age 28
I have had seven knee surgeries, so there are not a lot of workouts that I can do without pain. I'm so excited to have found a workout that not only feels great but that makes me sweat! It's been a long time since I've felt this good.
Amanda: Age 24
A friend had been encouraging me to try Bikram for the past year and after my initial class, I was honestly hooked. I am a workout junkie and this was an amazingly different concept of exercise that both exhausted and renewed me.  I love the physical benefits I have received thus far, like becoming more flexible, better posture, and strengthening. This yoga has also helped me with my anxiety, and I have come to rely on it as a means of therapy.
Meredith: Age 30
I quit smoking three years ago after 3 months of Bikram Yoga.  I am able to maintain my weight, when I indulge over the holidays as an example, I know yoga will whip me back into shape!  The biggest benefit I've recieved has clearly been the way it prepared me to give birth to my son Jackson.  I never lost my body shape, many friends commented that I looked the same with a big belly! I didn't suffer the way many women do.  I didn't lose my sense of  balance, have strong cravings, gain a ton of weight, have depression etc... I had a wonderful pregnancy. 
Jim: Age 53

I've noticed two great improvements. One, my golf game has improved, dramatically! The flexibility I now enjoy has definitely increased my driving distance. Second, I am no longer taking Celebrex! My joints are pain free for the first time in many years! Thank you, Miranda.

My situation with the Bikram Yoga Nashua studio initially was to face my physical issue where I had significant medical surgery on my right shoulder. My doctor told me it would take more than half a year to fully recover and that I could forget about my favorite sports acitivities such as golf and swimming for the year. However when he saw me after 2-3 months of disciplined attention to doing the yoga exercises, he was astonished that I had almost fully recoverd my range of motion, strength and was without pain.
Christine: Age 27
Physically I've toned up, increased flexibility and QUIT smoking! Mentally and emotionally the benefits are innumerable. I've always been a little moody, but this helps to even me out and put everything in perspective.
Margaret: Age 50
Balance in all things. I am a hurry-up, overly stimulated Westerner and I need to sit with and be with each posture one at a time. The mental and emotional challenge is the biggie for me. The postures are to me the vehicle for this challenge - not the be-all and end-all, although I thought intially that was the case because they seemed so tough to do and even outlandish.
Anonymous: Age 26
Standing Seperate leg Stretching Pose, my first few classes I never thought my hamstrings would stretch enough to allow meto lock my knees in the pose, but they have.And I marvel everytime thatI am able to staighten and lock my knees.I can't wait to be able to get my forehead on the floor.
Nolan: Age 47
I thought there was a pretty good chance I would be the first person to die in the middle of a class! I didn't really account for the heat and pushed myself way too hard. I've since learned to pace myself better and to take a break when I need it.


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